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Catamaran: Types, definitions and terms

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Catamarans are a very popular charter option because they offer high stability, space and security. A catamaran is a type of boat with two hulls that are connected by a frame.

What is a catamaran?

Some basic concepts can be both sail and engine (two engines, one in each hull). The catamarans were invented by an aristocratic fishing community on the south coast of Tamil Nadu, India. In the area of ​​pleasure craft and sport, however, catamarans are a fairly new trend. To become a popular ship today, this type of sailing boat had to "survive" a certain skepticism of the more traditional sailors. The principles of navigation for catamarans and jumpers are basically the same. There are, however, some differences. Catamarans can be harder to turn due to their low weight. Catamarans are faster, so it is more efficient gyben in zigzag patterns. Catamarans have a lower tendency to capsize, but the chance of a load is greater. Because of their shallow, shallow depth you can navigate in areas that are not accessible to mayors.

Catamaran or sailboat?

      Catamaran hire has become very popular because of a number of important features. Catamarans are much safer than single-hull boats. They can hardly sink. Thanks to the high buoyancy the whole boat looks like a kind of raft. Catamarans have a great maneuverability because most catamarans have two engines, so they can moor much easier than a single-hull boat with only one engine. Although single-hull boats have advantages when anchoring in marinas, catamarans can anchor in shallow bays, often very close to a beach (a few meters away). Renting a catamaran gives you more space than a normal sailboat. After all, the cabins, toilets and relaxation rooms are spread over two hulls. Moreover, there is more space on deck and the cockpit is twice as big as a single-walled boat. More space provides more privacy. Stability of the navigation catamarans has also become a preferred option because of their high stability. Catamarans have rarely chop. They have a maximum turnover of 5 °, while sailing boats generally have a turnover of 25 °. Of course, 25th excage can be exciting, but it is also very tiring. If you are sailing a catamaran, you can walk, sit, eat, drink, drink, drink ..... Everything you want. The main advantage, however, is that the chance of becoming angry is less likely.
Choose a catamaran holiday and enjoy sailing with more privacy, stability, speed and safety.

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