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Yacht & Boat Charter

yacht and boat charter
Yacht charter is the practice of renting or chartering a sailboat or a motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations. This is usually a holiday activity, but it can also be a corporate event.

What is a yacht charter?

There are two main types of charter: bare boat and skipper. With bareboat charter, a person rents a boat and rents it himself. The other way is to gather a group and rent the yacht with them. Most bareboat rental companies also offer courses to teach basic seamanship and prepare people to charter bare boats. These companies sometimes also offer boat rental services, which means that the boat is equipped with a skipper, but no extra crew.
Skipper charter means that the yacht has a crew. It can be a 35-foot boat with a two-person crew serving as captain and cook or a 300-foot boat with a crew of 30 or more, including flight attendants engineers, comrades, sailors, master divers, etc.

Type of yacht charter

Skipper charter

yacht and boat skipper charter

Skipper charter means that the yacht is chartered by a professional crew consisting of a skipper / captain who is responsible for maneuvering the yacht. In some cases, the skipper is also assisted by other members of the crew.
Skipper chartering is normally used for large yachts that require a skipper / captain with documented special nautical skills and experience.

Cabin Charter

yacht and boat cabin charter

Cabin chartering, which has become very popular in recent years, is the ideal solution for sailboat trips for those who do not yet have bareboat charter capabilities, or for those wishing to embark on a charter yacht. luxury with crew, but can not justify this cost.
The fee is for one berth on board the yacht and the provision of food and fuel. The cabin can be shared with a friend or even with a fellow traveler on board, but the expertise and knowledge of a local skipper are guaranteed and there is no deposit to pay for any damage to the yacht. The costs vary considerably: from a little less than 500 € for a week to more luxury offers from 700 €, where each cabin has its own bathroom and the crew on board takes care of all cooking and cleaning tasks. Super yacht rentals cost between 125,000 and 240,000 euros per week plus expenses.

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