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Yacht & Boat Charter in the Indian ocean

yacht and boad rental in  the Indian ocean

Luxury boat & yacht rentals in the Indian ocean

The Indian Ocean is populated by numerous idyllic destinations that are perfect for a luxury yacht charter vacation. In fact, the Indian Ocean offers a wealth of opportunities for those discovering the region on a super yacht. The beaches in this part of the world are not only some of the most beautiful landscapes.

Yacht rental in Seychelles

yacht charter in seychelles

The Seychelles are surrounded by cobalt blue water, which makes the approach to the yacht and the unforgettable experience. The picturesque beaches are ideal for adventurers as well as for those looking for relaxation. Probably the most famous beach in the Seychelles is Anse Lazio in Praslin.

Yacht rental in Mauritius

yacht charter in mauritius

Mauritius is the meeting point for many Indian influences and an excellent destination. Indeed, the island is surrounded by many attractions. The main attraction may be the obsolete cities and villages that take the mainland. As part of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius also has some wonderful beaches with conveniently located moorings.

Yacht Rental in Maledives

yacht charter in maledives

The Maldives are famous all over the world for their beautiful islands, lagoons and beaches that offer visitors many opportunities for recreation and adventure. The Maldives is an archipelago with more than 1000 islands, divided into 26 Atolls. Eleven of these atolls are open to tourism and 87 islands have been converted into luxury hotels. The sun, the beaches and the sea are not the only good for boat rentals in the Maldives.

The Maldives also stand out for their unique coral world and underwater fauna, which live in a tropical climate. For the duration of a boat rental, you can play Robinson unless you want to explore the seabed in search of a Manta or jump from island to island in a Dhoni, the famous traditional Maldivian boat.

Yacht rental in Sri Lanka

yacht and boat rental in sri lanka

Sri Lanka, known as a tropical retreat, is another exceptional destination in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles, the beaches are close to fantastic dive sites. For gourmets there is also the opportunity to visit the best traditional dishes. Sri Lanka, with the Sigiriya fortress from the 5th century forming the central point of intrigue.

Planning your yacht vacation for the Indian ocean

No matter which part of the Indian ocean, your charter holiday can start in a short time from an airport conveniently located. The best super yachts available in the region, although some private crewed yachts may be limited to certain Indian ocean cruising areas. As a wonderfully different region, there are various points of the year that are the best time to visit. For example, May is a big month for Sri Lanka, while the Maldives are better between December and March.

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