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Yacht & Boat Charter in Eastern Mediterranean

yacht and boad rental in eastern mediterranean

Greece, Turkey and Croatia are the most important recreational destinations in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. These regions, while completely different and unique, all offer a mix of history, culture, mythology, friendly country people and natural beauty. The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Turkey offer turquoise waters dotted with sheltered bays with ancient ruins and archaeological sites. See the yachts renting the eastern Mediterranean here.

The natural beauty of these great nautical Resorts is just as enchanting. Breathtaking water and an impeccable blue sky are synonymous with the eastern Mediterranean. During your yacht charter holiday in Croatia, Greece and Turkey, you will be greeted with the warm and colorful views of the traditional waterfront villages as you approach the shimmering blue sea.

From the northwestern part of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in Venice, and moving to the Southeast parts, we have:

Yacht charter in the The Adriatic Sea

Yacht rental in Venice

yacht charter in venice Venice, located at the top of the Adriatic Sea and one of the most characteristic cities of Italy, is a beautiful and famous city surrounded by water and a great place to start a Mega yacht charter in the Eastern Mediterranean. There are good flights to Venice to meet your yacht and from there you sail south along the Croatian coast. Holidays aboard a yacht are a fantastic way to discover this classic city of the eastern Mediterranean. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, with its intricate network of canals, charming gondoliers, glorious Renaissance architecture and narrow cobbled streets. On your charter boat, take a cruise on the Grand Canal.

Yacht rental in Croatia

yacht charter in croatia

In Croatia, more than a thousand islands form the Dalmatian coast. With such a variety, calm winds and turquoise waters, the Croatian coast offers an unforgettable vacation of yacht hire without crew.

In Croatia, more than a thousand islands form the Dalmatian coast. With such a variety, calm winds and turquoise waters, the Croatian coast offers an unforgettable vacation of yacht hire without crew.

The sea here is remarkably clean and, unlike parts of the western Mediterranean, it is still alive with marine life and full of fish. The towns and villages are old and intriguing.

yacht rental in croatia

With so many islands, coves and beautiful beaches, the Croatian islands can practically guarantee you a little privacy and truly remarkable moorings. Some of the most important places to see in Croatia are Pula, Opatija, Krk, Zadar, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, and then to Montenegro, the famous port of Kotor offers a rustic and wild landscape of mountains and sea.

Yacht rental in Montenegro

yacht and boat rental in Montenegro

Montenegro, a country of striking beauty, is also located in the eastern Mediterranean region, on the Adriatic coast in the south of Croatia. The rental of Super Yacht in Montenegro is often an important part of a yacht rental in the eastern part of the Mediterranean or Croatia.

The Bay of Kotor is one of the most important destinations of Montenegro, with many other sights, bays and beaches to discover. This fascinating country has an ancient history, an interesting culture and traditions, a beautiful weather and a spectacular natural beauty.

Yacht charter in the eastern Mediterranean

Yacht rental in Greece

yacht and boat rental in greece

Further south, we arrive in Greece, a famous boating place and one of the most important parts of the eastern Mediterranean. Corfu, in the Ionian Sea is the first place of interest and other famous places such as Kefalonia, Paxos, Zakynthos. As a yacht charter in Greece has so much territory, you have a more detailed overview of the main areas to rent your yacht in Greece here. There are 4 main recreational areas: the Ionian Islands, the Aegean Sea and the archipelago, the Cyclades and finally the Dodecanese.

A yacht charter stay in Greece, around the different sunny Greek islands of the eastern Mediterranean, offers a great variety. You have an ancient history, a modest architecture and beautiful little villages on the edge of the water that crumble in the mountains of the island. Greek visitors seem to want to review Greece year after year and there is no better way to see Greece than from a yacht. Wherever you go, there are ancient ruins and ancient history to absorb, as well as a beautiful natural beauty. The waters of an aqua blue or dark blue and the sky of an impeccable blue are a perpetual trekking map for the yacht rental holiday as well as for luxury motor boats.

Yacht rental in Turkey

yacht charter in turkey

Turkey is another important area known for yacht charter holidays in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey has more coastline than any other Mediterranean country, eastern or western.

There is an infinite number of beautiful moorings to discover for your charter yacht in Turkey. It is interesting to note that the Turkish coastline tends to be a bit more green and trees (pines) than the rest of the Mediterranean coastal areas. You will even see some weird waterfalls.

Along the shores of the Aegean Sea and the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea, you will sail in turquoise waters and sheltered bays that were once influenced by the Lycians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines. You also discover ancient ruins and archaeological sites such as Greek cities, sunken Roman ports and crossed castles. It is not surprising that Turkey has such a wealth of culture, history and intrigue in a place that reflects a meeting point between Asia and Europe. As the most popular yacht charter destination in Europe, the Mediterranean has a very large selection of luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, schooners and mega yachts for rent. Below is a small list of charter super yachts from the eastern Mediterranean, with more luxury yachts from the eastern Mediterranean here. Do not hesitate to contact us for free and professional advice, and for more information here: Contact Yachting Rental

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