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Yacht & Boat Charter in Caribbean

yacht and boad rental in Caribbean

The Leeward Islands (Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Martin and Guadeloupe) are the islands to the northwest of the West Indies. The islands are located between the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean. These islands are called the Leeward Islands because they are located in south-east-west shelters of India, which are first affected by the wind of the Alizees.

The southern part of western India is called the "Windward Islands" because they are the first to receive the aliens in the Caribbean. This part of the Caribbean is made up of Martinique, a French territory, and Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, which are part of the Commonwealth.

Boat & Yacht rentals in the Caribbean and especially catamarans with and without crew are possible from all these islands.

Yacht rental in Antigua and Barbuda

yacht charter in antigua and barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are characterized by toothless coasts, natural harbors and coral reefs, a robust relief that offers a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere.
With more than 350 sandy beaches protected by lush palm trees, Antigua is the ideal Luxusziel. Secluded bays and beaches offer lots of privacy and the chance to enjoy your water sports passions in peace and quiet. The magnificent sea floor is ideal for scuba diving or snorkelling and is one of the Caribbean's finest experiences. Barbuda, very close, also offers a lot of peace with the beaches with pink reflections as far as the eye can see.

Antigua is home to the most prestigious and exclusive hotels, ranging from Boutique Hotels along the secluded beaches of Hotel on private islands that will take you during a stop during your luxury boat or yacht rental in Antigua or during a Can you enjoy your stay first or after your cruise. All the main brands are represented in duty free in Antigua. You can find them at the high-end shopping center in St. John and at the docks of Redcliffe and Heritage.

You can also discover the rich historical heritage of Antigua in Nelson 's shipyard. Lord Nelson was established in the 18th century and you can discover the restored fortifications and buildings. For art lovers, Antigua hosts a large number of artists whose works are exhibited in art galleries in English Harbor and St John 's.

Yacht rental in Grenada

yacht charter in grenada

Grenada is located in the southern Caribbean, just 100 Nm away from Venezuela. It is the largest island of the archipelago. The small islands are Carriacou, Little Martinique, Rhonde Islands, Caille Islands, Diamaond Islands, Big Islands, Salie and Fregate Island. The Granada countryside is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, with volcanic lakes and an incredible variety of animals and plants. The forest offers mangroves and opens the way to beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and coral reefs.

In Saint George, the capital city of Granada, the market is the vibrant center of the island. There are souvenirs, gifts and local crafts in the young street and the Carenage district. The Grand Anse shopping center and the Marquis complex offer luxurious clothing stores, art galleries and restaurants. The newly opened Spicen shopping center also offers a variety of shops and boutiques.

yacht rental in grenada

Start your luxury yacht charter in Granada, where the winds are scented with tropical spices. Sail north to the Grenadines, visit Carriacou, Union and Tobago Cays, a beautiful anchor protected by the coral reef.

Yacht rental in Guadeloupe

yacht and boat rental in guadaloupe

A luxurious yacht charter in Guadeloupe is perfect with its tranquil lagoons and bays, regular eastern and coastal winds protected by the sea. Guadeloupe is a butterfly-shaped island surrounded by an archipelago of sunny beaches, surrounded by tropical forests. Guadeloupe offers a mix of cities, rural volleyball, tropical forests, beaches, but also local rum production, seems to be perfectly suited for any luxury cruise in the Caribbean.

Saint François is a very popular port in Grand-Terre, where many luxury yachts are anchored to enjoy the luxury Marina and to go beyond fashionable shops. Cafés and restaurants attract a very rich clientele.

Enjoy the best of the archipelago (Les Saintes, Marie Galante, the Désirade, Petite-Terre): hire of luxury yachts in Guadeloupe and its turquoise waters while playing water sports, scuba diving or simply relaxing and being swept away by hot waves. And do not forget to visit Marie Galante, the home of sugarcane plantations, charming sleepy fishing villages and white sand beach.

Yacht rental in Sainte Lucie

yacht charter in Sainte Lucie

The island of Sainte Lucie, located between Martinique and St. Vincent, is a happy mix of volcanoes, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, tropical fish, lush forests and a ubiquitous culture of literature, theater and music, including Del famous Jazz Festival.

Yacht Charter in Saint Lucia also offers many shopping opportunities, whether you are on site for a day, for a dip or a stay between the two nails, in the island shops you will find everything you need.

Santa Lucia is undoubtedly a paradise in the tropics that every sailor wants to discover on a yacht.

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