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The 54th Yachting Week: a real party with good weather and better winds

Events The 54th Yachting Week: a real party with good weather and better winds

In the central courtyard of the Mar del Plata Club Náutico, which is suspended from the Pole, flags of 12 countries are thwarted, represented by 730 participants. On the Playón, at the end of the day, more than 200 Optimist boats turned upside down on trailers look like white pieces of a giant puzzle, a figure that fits perfectly because it is difficult for organizers already have to make room for everyone in an new appointment.
This 54th week of yacht is a real party that has had another positive fact since last Sunday: the accompanying time and the good winds used in the four designed squares, the three in water and again in the interior mirror of the local port.

"Every day we have almost 800 people in the water", confirms Roque nóbile, captain of the Club Náutico Mar del Plata, an institution that, together with the Argentine Yacht Club, organizes this event, which is one of the four most important in the country. 'one of a kind at sea


- This is considered a category 50 for the world sailing, the parent company of sports sailing, and qualifies for the maximum tournaments.

Optimist principiantes y timoneles, Laser Standard, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, 410, 29er, 49er, Moth, F18, Snipe, 2.4mr, Cadet y Waszp son las categorias de la competencia
optimizers and helmsman, standard lasers, radial lasers, lasers 4,7, 410, 29er, 49ers, Moth, F18, Snipe, 2.4 Mr, Cadet and Waszp are the categories of optimistic beginner and helmsman competition, standard laser, radial laser, lasers 4,7, 410, 29er, 49ers, Moth, F18, Snipe, 2.4 Mr, Cadet and Waszp are the categories of credit competition: Matias Capizzano


Nóbile says that the week was too small for them because if the seven-day plan is satisfied (this Saturday), keel boats will start fighting, in smaller numbers but with a very flashy display.


Optimist beginntLaser standard, laser radial, laser 4,7, 420, 29er, 49ers, Moth, F18, Snipe, 2.4 Mr, Cadet and Waszp are the categories represented in this issue and beyond the desire for a podium the added value of 'meeting between different generations from a dozen countries, with almost 300 children and adolescents in the Optimist category, have a mandatory scale to learn this sport.

Tomás Stengel is 11, coming from the federal capital and attending this Marplatense event for the first time, which means he is sailing at sea for the first time. "It was very nice, but also difficult, because there were gusts of 18 to 22 kilometers per hour," he says of winds that could not beat these boats more than 2.4 meters long and 1.10 meters wide. Real walnut shells with sails.

His second experience is Lucas Emtrala, who is 9 and completed training after last year's race. "At that time I got very nervous, now we are learning and we are calmer," he said of the fruits of training and the added difficulty of adapting to the whims of the sea.

En la prueba participan 12 países, representados por 730 participantes 

12 countries will participate in the event, represented by 730 participants in the event 12 countries to participate, represented by 730 participants credit: Matias Capizzano


At age 13, Lucas mones also had his first time in Mar del Plata, after a test in the United States where he finished second in the optimist. "Here there is a sea more Racel, with more waves, it is complex", recognizes from this experience, which contributes to the competitions that a bigger boat shares with his father.

Alfredo Agote, 14, prefers and enjoys the challenges of this open sea. Martín Barletta, 15, keeps the river that they enjoy almost the whole year, the framework for their learning and browsing experience. Both have seven participations in this international week of the Mar del Plata Yachting. "The smell of salt worries me already, it conditions me," admits Barletta, who feels uncomfortable at this level. It contrasts with the Lude of its partner in the 420 category, which enjoys the dynamics of the ocean. "The waves are all funnier," he says 
In addition to being able to compete and share with each other, this date allows you to broaden the knowledge beyond the contribution of the coaches themselves and the experience of walking on each pitch. And the participants will have the opportunity to listen to Santiago Lange, Olympic sailing champion and source of wisdom beyond that discipline. Because this is what this event is all about: competing, sharing and above all learning.

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