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TECHNOHULL SEA DNA999, a semi-rigid with high performance

Boat TECHNOHULL SEA DNA999, a semi-rigid with high performance

The Greek shipyard TECHNOHULL offers a semi-rigid 10.30 meters in different configurations and many propulsion options.

The SEA DNA999, in its engine configuration plus 2 x 400 CV Mercury - can reach 90 knots peak for 70 knots cruising speed
Which brings, for example, Toulon / Calvi to a little more than 1h30.TECHNOHULL SEA DNA999

With the SEA DNA999, the concept of the Greek shipyard is proposed to the user who can be semi-rigid cruising or "Tender" for the big yachts.
For this, several configurations are proposed.
Three versions for the front

With a length of 10.30 meters and a width of 2.80, the SEA DNA999 G5 comes in 3 different versions.

OPEN: At the front, a V-shaped bench conceals a spacious storage space, while the bow facilitates considerably boarding and disembarking, making this version ideal as "tender" large boats.

DELTA: Ideal for day trips and relaxing moorings with sunbathing that covers the entire bow of the boat and the equivalent at the stern.

CAB: Dedicated to those who want to enjoy short cruises, this formula is characterized by a cabin with a double bed and a closed bathroom. Light and air are brought through the access door.


Four versions for the back

While Technohull offers 3 versions for the front of the boat, 4 versions are offered for the rear part.
Three versions for outboard configuration, sunbathing, right seat or U-shaped bench
and an In-board version with a large sunbath.

technohull sea dna999 features

TECHNOHULL SEA DNA999 Propulsion options

In the outboard configuration, the SEA DNA999 is available in 2x250 hp, 2x300 hp, 2x350 hp, 2x400 hp, for maximum speeds ranging from 70 to 90 knots and cruising speeds of 50 to 70 knots.
For the in-board model, the choice is offered between a 220 or 370 hp single-engine and 2x265 hp.
Equipment and a quality finish

The central steering console includes a dashboard equipped with a touch screen "Smart Central Consol" to manage everything from the same place. An optional kitchen with sink and hob is located at the rear of the two shock absorbing driver's seats.

Technical characteristics

    Length: 10,30 m
    Width: 2.80 m
    Displacement: 2600 kgs
    Fuel tank: 490 L
    Water tank: 100 L
    Motorization max: from 1x220 hp to 2 x 400 hp in-board or outboard options


With 124 km / h v-max, which is met with 65% of the maximum allowable power (you can climb two outboard with 350 hp!), You can safely say that this Technohull at birth fell into the "pot" of performance.
 and again, during our test, we stole a slight difference in height between the two power lifts (the repeater on the dashboard were not well calibrated against each other) a better score.
 As a result, the boat started to get a little unstable at full speed. The next day, our Dutch colleagues of the speedboat magazine with the right setting reached 68.4 knots (almost 127 km / h) and won an impeccable cut back.
 With its striking line, this is one of the market leaders in the segment. This is evidenced by the slight dominance that you exercise in this area about the 32 s avenger, a sporting reference, if ever there was one that is with 65 knots "content", but is hampered by its optional t-top, but with 2 300 PS Verado, ie a bonus of 150 HP, equipped ....
  This SeaDNA, whose name claims to possess the DNA of the sea, keeps in any case the molecule of speed. We are waiting for the next test for the sea, because our test took place at the gates of Bruges, at the Baldovino canal, where the Brugge Marine Center (BMC), the importer of Technohull, is located.
   Therefore, it is impossible for us to give an opinion on the maritime qualities of the Technohulls, although our experience leads us to believe that its hull should be able to reach high speeds at rough seas. The video that is passed through BMC reception speaks for itself. Another encouraging sign is that even if it is produced in Greece by the homonymous shipyard, Technohull can not deny its English influence, with a pencil hull of the talented naval architect Adam Younger, whose cooperation through the channel is much appreciated (K4 + , Renegade, rigid or semi-rigid Offshore Racing ....). He knows how to pull semi-rigid sports equipment. The hull of the SeaDNA 999 ends at 23 ° V aft and has a thin and deep bow that is even more aggressive thanks to its red graphic gelcoat, which also highlights two levels of discrete speed that lock the fuselage At the Beginning of the Last Third . On both sides, three striking and parallel shots (it's very offshore!) Frame the keel. High speed means high economic returns. From this point of view, from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm or 15 to 43 knots, the SeaDNA 900 is able to drive more than half a mile per liter. And with 39 knots, thanks to its 490 liter tank, it offers a range of 245 miles. Enough to make a round of Continental / Corsica faster than methane without constraint and without fear of failure. With his unusual experience in semi-rigid and offshore races, Kris DERAEDT, director of BMC, has put together a small assembly of onions (except for the slight shift of lights) for the future owner of Qatar of this Technohulls. The 2 225 Verado horses are placed on the Jack plate lifting platforms and their hull is extended by two Kiekhaefer hydraulic flaps from First-Class suppliers. Naturally, the flaps remained in a high position during our channel test. They are useful only for rough seas, from the front or from behind. Precise and smooth hydraulic steering, well tuned DTS controls, the steering is very simple despite the performance achieved. The channel was not very wide, so it was doubtful that it would be possible to be strong with a long hull and 450 horses .... Doubts quickly dissolved, like the Technohull with appetite and precision, which are worthy of an offshore race, went into the curves. Very pronounced inner heel, unsurpassed grip, impressive traction on restart, despite the good 28 inches .... Nothing to thank, the SeaDNA corrupts your pilot! We memorize in advance to drive this hull one day with 2 x 350 horses. We talked about the DNA of speed, but because of its Greek nationality, the SeaDNA 999 also contains the DNA of the Mediterranean and its associated joys. Unlike the British semi-rigid boats, which despise the comfort of anchors (except Scorpio, Cobra and to a lesser extent avenger, who have recently made efforts in this direction ...), Technohull has not forgotten anything, which is also the charm of the south Semi-rigid boats. Naturally, the model supplied to us uses the possibilities intensively (tested boat price: € 212 014!),
   But Technohull has the merit of offering it. So we dreamed of using this boat along a coast immersed in hot water under the rays of a summer sun (goodbye, the zero degree of the Baldovino channel!).), And to enjoy its impressive use of comfort: back platform with massive Teak (as by the way the bridge), hand shower At the exit of the pool, reflective Bordspaß (rear side passages, wide aisles, generous space between console and front solarium, convertible into a large hall for five or even seven guests with two folding seats), toilet and shower in the console (175 liters of fresh water), which thanks to its hinge top-to-bottom cover (1.93 m in height!) can also serve as a pull-out cabin.), LED assist lighting for Night stops, electric radiator, FM radio / CD player and PM3 player with four speakers, Great sun roof .... In short, enough to satisfy the whole family, especially because the storage volume-clearly visible the long trunk ne the front part to stow the cushions without bending them! -is up to capacity, and in particular the number of real seats (recently integrated with the seat in the front of the console) .... This Greek semi-rigidity can be narrow (length-to-width ratio of 3.7), can receive! Not to mention the equipment of a boat for naval use, like the standard electric winch with anchor.

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