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How much does it cost to rent a boat for a weekend?

Travel How much does it cost to rent a boat for a weekend?

The type of boat

First of all, the first questions you have to ask before talking about the price are: to define the type of boat you like, and how long you want this rental.

Sailboat, catamaran, schooner for authenticity not motorized; Hull-open, Zodiac, day cruiser and other semistarr for speed; Motorboat and yacht for prestige ..... the choice is yours, but bigger and newer, the budget is higher! The motorboat becomes more and more in number of available seats.

Further criteria to be considered

When renting a boat, you also need to consider other costs, such as when you make a purchase, or insurance and deposit that you may need to pay.

A walk one day walk for a great weekend. But it's all about the number of people on board, and the score is a wonderful number to share, the race will be profitable!

Note: the previously while is a skippers is more expensive, but in general the service is turnkey and you do not have to worry about the behavior and the courses to follow. Also, depending on the time and place you want, the prices vary .....
I want, but at what price?

You have already understood that you will not pay the same price after the boat, place and time.

We know that some places in France make you dream with their beautiful beaches and their authentic landscapes. The Mediterranean, but more specifically the Côte d'Azur, will serve as an escort of the Spanish border, for example in Perpignan.
To give an idea, here are a few prices (without the above additional costs):

Rooster rental Skipper for 6-8 people 500 €.

Semi-rigid zodiac rental of half a day for 7-10 people 200 €.

You have a boat without day license for 5 people: 350 €

You have a sailboat for the weekend with service and overnight on board. 850 € for two persons

Yacht charter per day on the Côte Riviera: approx. 2500 € for 6-8 persons.

These prices are of course indicative, you will have for the same service in France, a range of possible prices, and with a significant difference if you go through a private rather than a professional.

In short, you can see that you must first define the location and type of boat before you pass the price. If you are interested in renting a boat, click here to see, for example, the offers of Sport . To guide you to the best rental areas, it is a bit lower ........

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