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Boat Vacations: The 10 things you need to know to rent and Charter.

Boat Boat Vacations: The 10 things you need to know to rent and Charter.

is a sailboat or a catamaran better? Can you take a shower on board? But the skipper, where he sleeps? Here are some of the many questions and curiosities that you will find when booking or are attracted by a holiday with sea, wind and freedom. The questions asked by, an innovative portal that specializes in boat rentals around the world, are always sent to the young, 750 month booking inquiries. From the collection and selection of questions and the most frequently asked questions of your customers, a mini-guide was created: 10 things that F Ondamentali knows to start with the boat on the right side and to handle most of the voyage.

1-Choose between a sailboat and a catamaran.
These are two very different types of boats, each with its own strengths, both of which are able to offer unique experiences. The sailboat is more athletic and exciting. It is that which makes the wind feel in your hair. Navigate in the skids and maneuver faster. The catamaran (we talk about the to be rented) prefers comfort, space on board and large terraces. In addition, you can get closer to the coast without deep drifts under the hull. However, be careful with the berth costs: for the catamaran you often pay twice as much.....

2-Renting a boat is cheaper than staying in a hotel.
Contrary to popular belief, a boating holiday is an experience for every budget. The average price for one night on a boat is about €45 per person, more or less like a double room in a hotel. But the reduction of boating costs, which often conflict with each other in the case of seafaring, sun beds, parasols, taxis, car rentals and scooters. And you save while eating: instead of dining in a restaurant, you cook the freshly caught fish and enjoy it by moonlight.

3-What size should the boat have?
If you travel in two, every boat that is about 30 feet long is more than enough. Not only does it have enough space, it is also easy to use and cost-effective. For large groups, up to 12 people, a boat with 3 to 5 cabins, usually double or double, is required. Note, however, that almost all boats have the living room (the living room under the deck) with a sofa bed. Do not forget the skipper: if he is on board, he also needs a sleeping place.

4-What is a one way tour?
Sometimes shipowners move ships from one port to another during the season and have to reposition them at the starting point. For this reason it is possible to book a simple boating holiday with departure and destination in different ports. These are often wonderful excursions, with lots of navigation and energy that are sold at a good price. Pay attention to the distances to be overcome: travel of more than 200 miles per week requires transfers of 4 to 5 hours per day.

5-What to pack?
The first rule is that the suitcase must be flexible and not rigid, the rigid suitcase does not fit well in cupboards and cupboards. Remember that in the boat-each boat-the seats are limited: take as little as possible, also because during the day you always stay in a suit. In the evening, in the middle of the sea, you can cool down: bring a sweater and a windproof jacket for the rides. A pair of jeans, T-shirts, sarongs, no heels or leather soles, but sneakers and flip-flops. Something elegant can be used for evenings on the floor. Don't forget the hat and the sunglasses, the high-protection creams.

6-Shower on board
All boats are equipped with internal showers and hot water. But fresh water on board is scarce. Use it as little as possible, otherwise you'll have to return to the port to recharge it. How can you save? Good habits are: Use soap and shampoo that allow a sea-water shower with seawater, always turn the faucet when you lather or brush your teeth. It would be better to use seawater for washing and at least partly for cooking pasta.

7-cell phone, tablet, camera, video camera.....
In general, electronic devices can be used, used and recharged. Some boats have a generator and an inverter that always has power on board. Others only have the inverter: The current is only when the engine is running. In boats that have no, the current is only available when it is in the harbour. In almost all cases, however, the cigarette lighter socket works while the engine is running: Bring the car charger. It is important to discuss the characteristics of the boats with the charterer in order to avoid problems after the start. As far as the mobile phone and the signal are concerned, remember that you are in the middle of the sea with poor reception. It has nothing to do with safety, in the boat there is always and everywhere the radio on board.

8-cause a mess: The list of ' boat races '.
Most boats are equipped with normal equipment: refrigerator, freezer, gas cooker, oven. There are cookware and all the necessary utensils for cooking. So you can take on board more or less everything you love. However, it is better to concentrate on foods that do not take up too much space in the refrigerator and are long-lasting. Water in bottles (plastic!) is never enough: Remember to drink 2/3 liters per day and person. Usually, there are dishes on the boat, glasses, enough cutlery, an addition of plastic can still be useful. Do not forget to buy toilet paper, kitchen paper, foil, rubbish bag, detergent, sponge (find out what already exists).

9-What the skipper does
The Captain guides the boat during navigation and maneuvers. After anchoring or fixing, the skipper remains vigilant to ensure that the conditions are always as safe as possible. He can help you landing, but it's not a good practice to force him to get up in the middle of the night to pick you up at the end of a party from a beach. The skipper is not a servant. He does not cook, he does not clean, he does not make beds, he is not under the bridge to prepare appetizers. If you need these services, ask a person in the role of hostess/chef who will be paid separately before booking.

10-where the skipper sleeps
Usually there is a cabin in the largest boats, which is reserved for the skipper with his bathroom. In the smaller ones, the skipper takes one of the seats reserved for the passengers, either in the cabins or in the dining area. In this case, the use of the bathroom is obviously common.

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