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Artifact, a hybrid of superyachts with an environmental approach

Design Artifact, a hybrid of superyachts with an environmental approach
The German shipyard Nobiskrug presented in detail the artifact hybrid superyacht, which will be completed in 2019. The owner's desire to have an eco-friendly boat required many research and development activities.

Now we know a bit more about the next project of the German shipyard Nobiskrug - which we owe the construction of the sail yacht A-known as Project 790, a super yacht of 80 m length, which is called at the end artifact, is a hybrid with environmental characteristics Exceptional. It is one of the first yachts to be built to meet the new and stringent IMO Tier III emission standards (a standard for marine diesel engines used in emissions control areas).

"Artefact is a unique vessel that combines state-of-the-art engineering and architectural design of great impact, which embodies a homage to human subtleties, often neglected or ignored.Many traditional aspects of superyachts have been redesigned to create an unprecedented experience that impacts minimized to sensitive marine ecosystems, "said Captain Aaron T. clearly.

Artefact, Nobiskrug's new superyacht Design

The style of the outdoor facilities and interiors demonstrates the commitment of the owner to environmental responsibility, technological innovation and customer comfort. So the search for quietness of operation and maximum stability was the driving force of the concept of this boat. Unlike a standard layout, the owner's cabin is in the stern and not in the front.

Developments and evidence on the fuselage made possible a comfortable management of the ship. Artefact is the first hybrid superyacht to have a direct bus (electronic power technology used to transfer electrical energy in high voltage direct current), batteries and an ABB pod diesel variable speed drive. This new system offers more efficiency, reduces emissions, noise and vibration. The boat is also equipped with solar panels and a large battery storage, which should be operated for a long time without combustion engines. or, wastewater can be reused as technical water.

Artefact, Nobiskrug's superyacht 2019


On the other hand, the dynamic positioning (a computerized system that allows a ship to maintain its position with its own propulsion means) ensures stability and comfort for the shipowner without the need for an anchor that would damage the seabed. Protected.

The composite superstructure in combination with large, custom-made, curved glass panels provides a visual experience from the inside with a minimum of essays.

"Artefact is a perfect combination of art and science through innovative architectural design and advanced technology," says Holger Kahl, managing director of Nobiskrug.

The completion of the construction of the super yacht is scheduled for the 2019.

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