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Yacht & Boat Scuba Diving

yacht and boad rental for scuba diving

Diving trip? Yes, this is the most possible.

A sailing cruise combined with scuba diving will make your holiday unique and unique. This is an offer for everyone, regardless of age and diving skills. Also for those who have never done this, and want to discover the Limbus mystery of the Great Blue.
You can devote one day of your holiday to scuba diving. This part of the crew, which does not dive, can flow with for you for the diving company or have a day off, intended eg. To explore the city and the surrounding area, beach or shopping...

Every day in another place, every day in another bay.

diving execursion with rental yachting

There are several variants of vacations on a yacht with scuba diving. For diving and beginners, and for those who want to try underwater adventures for the first time:

1. For advanced and diving.

This is only possible for those who have the appropriate Diverskie privileges to self-dive to specific depths. Those who have the authority and experience in the organization and functions of the dive manager and have their own equipment. They must purchase the appropriate licence necessary for such a dive. It is a beautiful expedition. Yacht, scuba diving, relaxation and leisure. However, it requires logistical preparation. You need to bring your equipment, determine the correct route, so that there are places where you can recharge the cylinders, and whether the point honors the approval of your cylinders, because it is different. Choose a suitable size yacht to accommodate the diving equipment. Preferably one that has a single more cabin that can be a "wardrobe" for equipment. By diving yourself you never know if you see underwater, that's what you're interested in. The trip organized from the diving base seems to be an interesting and simple solution. This way the equipment is wasted, guaranteeing a good organization of water descent, the care of instructors, the appropriate choice of diving sites.

2. For diving and beginners-a trip to an organized diving.

yacht charter activity diving

So we arrange the itinerary of our sailing boat to devote one day to diving, for an adventure with great blue in the diving base. This is a proposal for diving people with varying degrees of advancement. There are Polish diving bases on many islands and in many places in Croatia. Staying in one of them, the dive can put out two well-prepared and planned dives. You do not need to have your equipment, buy a license and worry about hitting the bottle. Diving base has suitable equipment with certificates, knowledge of underwater locations, experienced instructors. Well-planned scuba diving to an interesting place guarantees safety and wonderful experiences and views that you will remember. The whole program lasts approx. 6-7 Hours:-Approx. 30 minutes swim to the dive site,-two descents into the water with a break for lunch. (4-5 hours) Ok. 30 minutes flow The dive boat to the base.
People do not dive and want to try underwater adventures can use the program Introdiving.

3. Your first time-that is, discover the Great blue in assist instructors.

It is a special program for people who have never nurkowały, do not dive or even swim. This is an offer for those who, regardless of age, want to experience something amazing. The journey to the Blue World is something unique. Photos, video of such an event will be an additional attraction, which will surely envy to all of you.


It's diving in full assist instructors.
It is a safe and quiet diving hand with an instructor to a depth of 5 meters, in the full equipment Płetwonurka-wetsuit, special diving vest/jacket with ballast and cylinder and breathing machine. Scuba diving precedes a brief lecture on diving techniques and equipment.
-Dive time is about 20 minutes, depending on the well-being of the diver.

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