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Preparing a regatta: What should I bring with me?

Before embarking on an adventure, it is better to prepare for a race. If you have any questions about the equipment you need to bring with you, we'll give you some answers to help you have a better time!
Before entering a race and taking the helm to dominate the waves, why not make a reminder in the 3-layer system to navigate in the best conditions! You have to prepare a race and all the sailors will tell you: the condition for a good cruise is to stay dry. But how, even if you're never safe from the weather? It is very simple: just adopt the three-layer technique.
  1. -the transfer layer. It's underwear. They can act as clothes in good weather. Its role is to effectively evacuate the sweat, not to have a feeling of cold, often linked to moisture.
  2. -the insulating layer. This role is often played by the polars. It is the layer that protects from the cold that comes directly from the outside and maintains the body's natural temperature. It is also important that this layer is breathable.
  3. -the protective layer. It is the last layer that protects from external elements (rain, fog, water, etc.). The thicker it is, the more it is waterproof. But be careful not to choose a jacket too protective because it may not be enough breathable.

Prepare a regatta: adapted clothing?

For your racing team, design warm, sturdy clothes that do not retain moisture and store them in waterproof plastic pockets that will protect them on the boat. Preparation for a regatta is an art!

  • A wax (or a watch jacket, like "Gore Tex")
  • Closed pants or a veil in general
  • Comfortable and flexible cover pants (jogging, canvas pants, etc.).
  • A warm sweater
  • A light and a thick fleece
  • Warm socks
  • A long-sleeved shirt
  • Sailing boots and boat shoes

the preparation of a regatta: personal equipment

yachting rental Regatta equipement

  • To store your belongings: a flexible and waterproof travel bag and large waterproof bags.
  • To protect you from the cold: hat, scarf and gloves
  • To protect you from the sun: sunscreen and lipstick with high protection index, (the effect of the sun is particularly strong in water, even when the weather is covered), light glasses with cord, hat or hat.
  • For your safety: flashlight or headlamp, personal pharmacy, mobile phone
  • Other essential items to remember: laptop charger, plastic bags, sleeping bag and leaves that is all,

are you equipped? Here is the little trick too!

Now that preparing a regatta is no longer a secret for you, you know that sailing in the Regata is a unique experience that allows you to rediscover the sea and the strong sensations it can offer. To learn more about sailing and getting to know the marine environment, do not hesitate to visit our other tips or take a ride on our sailing instructors page. I promise you, it's worth visiting!

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