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Are you looking for a new sport fishing experience?
Then you've come to the right place! At, we have a passion for the sport and wanted to make booking your next fishing charter easier than ever before. We know that booking charter boats and guides isn't cheap, which is why we've gathered a list of thousand's of verified charters, ensuring you find the best fishing charter that fits your interests and budget.

What is a fishing yacht?

Like an Expedition yacht, a fishing yacht is also supposed to be self-sufficient to withstand long periods of time at sea. Sport anglers are performance-oriented and suitable for fishing grounds in large-scale fishing, but since they are really super yachts, they can look like at home in one of the stylish ports on the western mediterranean sea.
Equipped with equipment, technology and equipment, some sport fishing yachts are built to explore pristine fishing grounds in remote corners of the world, while others are equipped with shallow draughts to bring them closer to the coastal cruisers. However, they are all designed to land large fish in an exciting experience of real sailing. Imagine cooking a day on the grill in the cool evening breeze on board before you go to your luxury accommodation.

yachting fishing

Although many luxury yachts have basic fishing equipment on board, a yacht designed for sport fishing offers a much wider range of fishing equipment, often including anti-fish chairs for large sea fish, bait tanks and a number Equipment and fishing equipment. As with any luxury charter yacht, planning requires an experienced and competent crew. A wise fisherman should look for a crew that is familiar with the fishing card and can bring their knowledge and experience to famous fishing spots and knows which bays and bays can best be discovered.

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