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Yacht & Boat Rental for Events

yacht and boad rental for Events

A luxury rental yacht to celebrate your next event

Birthday party or wedding ceremony, this special day deserves to be celebrated in beauty and nothing will be more exceptional than organizing your event on board your luxury crewed boat. Think ..... Paradise, exclusivity, elegance, dazzling waters, fine sand beaches, fresh sea air and attentive service from your team of professionals.
Our luxury yachts are designed to satisfy pleasures and parties in all elegance, thus covering many occasions. It is because we know the boats and the destinations perfectly that we can guarantee you a special event. In collaboration with the crew, we can take care of the smallest details, such as the choice of flowers, the photographer, the activities on the ground, the music ..... so that everything is absolutely perfect.

This means that perfection also says gastronomy and top-quality drinks. On board your luxury yacht your chef will be at your disposal to satisfy each guest's Puck and diet. You want small ovens in front of the sunset, a brunch in the middle of the afternoon, a tasting menu of 10 light dishes, an outdoor party ..... then your on-board chef will adapt to your wishes and will serve you in a 5-star moment one of the best kitchens, the freshest ingredients. A stay in a luxury yacht is the best way to create eternal memories with the people that matter most to you.


A yacht is an intimate and unique place to celebrate your wedding and this event of your life is worthy of nothing less. The choice of destination is essential for the success of the day and the magical charm of your luxury yacht will act to create romantic and unforgettable moments. Whether it's a desert island in the tropics, the glamor and exclusivity of San Barthe or the festive atmosphere of Ibiza, we present you the boats that sail in the waters of your dream destination.
Surround yourself with the people who matter most on this special day and together, live the best moments of life on a boat of your own, the time of a week or more.
If you prefer a ceremony on the ground, for a wedding with several guests, we will find a place near your boat at anchor .... a golden sandy beach, a beautiful stone church or a chic and tropical hotel station .. ... to you to decide.
Imagine the beautiful souvenir photos that you will appreciate for the rest of your life ..... you, your family and friends in the joy and euphoria of pure moments of happiness, all in the sumptuous surroundings of your luxury yacht surrounded by landscapes with surreal beauty ..... to remind you how beautiful life is!
A new chapter of your life started together by and for the best .....
Make sure your wedding is what you've always had .... and much more.


yachting rental for corporrate and personal Event

Birthdays are celebrated only once a year, so treat yourself to a gift. Why limit the festivities to just one day? Whether it's 16 years or a half century change, a week or more on a luxury yacht is an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday. If you are organizing a birthday for a loved one or yourself, the theme of the private cruise will have to match the interests and wishes of the main person in question. Sun lovers may choose to stay on the leeward islands of the Caribbean, while history buffs may want to visit the Croatian coast and discover the myriad of cities with medieval fortifications.
For this important moment, your guests and you deserve the best accommodation with exceptional service. So, open the champagne, turn off the candles and cut the cake in a sublime setting, surrounded by the beauty of the landscape, and sail towards you next year with the banana on your face.
A great way to accept aging!

Anniversaries of marriage

After these years of marriage, it's time to organize a romantic getaway and celebrate your vows. Honor your love on a luxury yacht from our large selection of boats available all over the world, it's worth it!
Turn off the phone, the rest of the world was more important. Taking advantage of the presence of your beloved. If you need to relax and be pampered, we will find you a yacht with your massage therapist. Imagine the starry sky, the relaxing breeze of the breeze and be in your whirlpool, cocktails in hand, lulled by the delicate movements of the sea.
If you are looking for action and adventure for two, we are here to help you find the boat and the destination that will make you vibrate. There are boats with a great variety of water games incredible hours of water exaltation ..... from traditional jet - skiing to the most fashionable gadgets like Flyboard and Duck Duck. Not to mention the destinations that include hiking on the peaks with breathtaking landscapes, postcards and underwater activities in depth rarely explored that come from another world.
To revive the flame and rediscover it during a stay under the sign of love.


After a successful party it is time for the couple to rest from the madness of the preparations for their wedding. After you have booked your yacht and we know your preferences, we take care of the rest. You have to think about your loved one and the rest of your life together.
A spectacular landscape in the glow of the sun that your days and nights will be accompanied by the sweetness of the protective sky ..... romance will be at the center of your stay.
You want an unforgettable honeymoon, which will caress you for the rest of your life and the tenderness of memory will automatically bring a smile on your face .... the reality is that there is nothing more special than a stay on a yacht luxury. Combine elegance and pleasure with a professional and personal private service. All in your own privacy space that you decide to leave for two or to include the most important people in your eyes.

Corporate events

Renting a luxury yacht is the ideal way to motivate your staff, galvanize team spirit, introduce new products, offer a stay between a frame or first-class private meetings. On your yacht, you are the master of the ship, of activities and celebrations. You can organize and include what you want to plan, adapting the time and order of the day on board.
Demonstrate that your company is in good health from the strong message of treating your employees or your favorite customers by renting a luxury yacht during your stay. Get a profit by using the boat as an advertising platform and supporting your company's identity. There are spaces on board to promote your event that would make your marketing team dream.
Finally, your guests will be at your mercy. It will have your exclusive attention, impossible to exit the program you have established. What is sure, your event will be a memorable function with a first class kitchen and service company provided by their team of professionals.
Exceptional way of combining business and pleasure!

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